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Ag Tech Biosolids Transportation

Ag Tech drivers transport biosolids from various wastewater treatment facilities to the AG Tech Farms in Yuma, Arizona. All trucks and trailers are properly maintained to provide the safe transport of biosolids and to prevent release of biosolids

Ag Tech can provide all the equipment required to transport biosolids. Dewatered Biosolids are transported in specially designed trailers with a weight capacity of between 22 and 27 tons pulled by tandem-axle truck tractors. Liquid biosolids are transported in tanker trailers. When a truck arrives at the designated field or at the processing site, the biosolids are unloaded and the interior of the trailer thoroughly washed. Before leaving, the trailer and trailer tires are washed clean of biosolids residues.

AG TECH and its sub-contract haulers are permitted as a motor vehicle contract carrier by the Interstate Commerce Commission and as a highway contract carrier by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Truck drivers receive training on an annual basis on the following:

  • Loading and procedures at wastewater treatment plants
  • Safety and biosolids
  • Do’s and don’ts of biosolids transportation
  • Release prevention and release cleanup procedure
  • Unloading and cleaning procedure
  • Recordkeeping