Ag Tech Injection of Biosolids

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Ag Tech Injection of Biosolids

Sub-Surface Injection: Ag Tech drivers arrive at a predetermined mixing station and unload the biosolids into a man-made pit/tank. The biosolids are then mechanically mixed and diluted to prepare for field application. The biosolids are re-liquefied to a maximum of 10% solids concentration using Ag Tech's proprietary re-liquefying process. The biosolids are now ready for field application. The biosolids are pumped through flexible piping directly to the tractor applying the biosolids. Ag Tech uses “direct deep chisel injectors” to subsurface inject to a depth appropriate for the crop being grown. The Biosolids are applied at the appropriate agronomic rate.

The components of our injection system consist of:

  1. A large sub-surface intake tank.
  2. 2 above ground holding tanks.
  3. 4 large capacity pumping systems.
  4. 2 miles of 4” specialized injection hose.
  5. 2 injection implements.
  6. Multiple tractors.