AG TECH Farm Management

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Biosolids Management

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Ag Tech Farm Management

Once a field has been adequately fertilized and amended with biosolids, it is ready for seed bed preparation, planting, cultivation, and irrigation. Once the crop growth cycle is complete, it is harvested and sold. Records of crop production are kept in the AG TECH field office and are made available to its municipal customers upon request.

Farm management tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Scouting for pests and disease
  • Irrigation application
  • Fertility monitoring
  • Weed Control
  • Harvesting
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Data Management
  • Record keeping

Ag Tech operates and maintains hundreds of different items of farm equipment, farm implements, and biosolids handling equipment. Every piece of machinery has some parts that wear out through normal use, and farm equipment is no exception. Ag Tech maintenance staff handle repairs required to keep the farm functioning at peak efficiency. Ag Tech maintenance staff also ensures that each piece of equipment receives regular preventative maintenance. Proper maintenance involves inspecting and replacing those parts as they wear out, and making sure all fluids are topped up. It also means making minor repairs, the ones that do not appear to make any immediate difference, but add up over the long run. A tractor can work perfectly well with one broken lug nut, but break a second one, and the tractor has an issue. Keeping everything else in good condition helps minimise the collateral damage from an otherwise minor breakdown.