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Ag Tech Domestic Septage Program

Land application of domestic septage has many benefits to society and farmers:

  • Provides a safe and productive end-use for domestic septage
  • Improves the content of badly needed organic matter in low quality soils
  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers that tend to leach plant nutrients into local ground waters

Domestic Septage Land Application

Land application of domestic septage has many of the same benefits as land application of biosolids to society and farmers. The success of the land application project depends on the effectiveness of Ag Tech’s monitoring. AG Tech constantly monitors key critical parameters in each field where domestic septage are applied.

Domestic Septage Records & Reports

Ag Techs sophisticated biosolids monitoring program includes applications for domestic septage. As such Ag Tech can monitor the domestic septage program to the same stringent standards as is used for biosolids.

  • Agronomic Application Rate
  • Cumulative Pollutant Loading Rate
  • Annual Pollutant Loading Rate
  • Annual Reports

Domestic Septage recycling preserves our natural resources and improves our environment by:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Promoting water conservation
  • Saving diminishing landfill space
  • Strengthening reclamation efforts, as it allows us to use otherwise wasted land
  • Enhancing landscaping
  • Higher crop yields
  • Lower Costs, as it eliminates fertilizer & irrigation pump expenses
  • Domestic Septage recycling makes economic sense