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Ag Tech Biosolids Management

Ag Tech is the one stop solution for all aspects of biosolids management! Ag Tech has solutions for biosolids treatment, biosolids transportation, biosolids land application and more.

  • Biosolids Transportation
  • Ag Tech can provide all the equipment required to transport biosolids. Ag Tech drivers transport biosolids from various wastewater treatment facilities to the AG Tech Farms in Yuma, Arizona. (more)

  • Biosolids Records & Reports
    • Agronomic Application Rate
    • Cumulative Pollutant Loading Rate
    • Annual Pollutant Loading Rate
    • Annual Reports
  • Biosolids Consulting
  • The expert staff at Ag Tech can provide biosolids consultation services for both existing and planned projects.

  • Biosolids Inspections
  • With years of experience dealing with regulatory authorities, Ag Tech biosolids inspectors can help to ensure your compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

  • Biosolids Land Application
  • Land application of biosolids has many benefits to society and farmers. The success of the land application project depends on the effectiveness of Ag Tech’s monitoring. AG Tech constantly monitors key critical parameters in each field where biosolids are applied.(more)

  • Biosolids Treatment
  • Biosolids treatment controls conditions in biosolids that may support the growth of pathogens and reduces attraction of disease vectors such as rodents and insects. Ag Tech uses lime stabilization to produce Class A biosolids.(more)

Crop grown using biosolids

Biosolids recycling preserves our natural resources and improves our environment by:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Promoting water conservation
  • Saving diminishing landfill space
  • Strengthening reclamation efforts, as it allows us to use otherwise wasted land
  • Enhancing landscaping
  • Higher crop yields
  • Lower Costs, as it eliminates fertilizer & irrigation pump expenses
  • Biosolids recycling makes economic sense