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“Innovations in Sustainability”

About Ag Tech

For more than four decades, Ag Tech has successfully combined progressive farm management, advanced computer technology, and aggressive material handling methods in order to beneficially reuse more than 6,500,000 tons of municipal biosolids. We intend to continue our commitment to the environment, and hope that you will join us in our enthusiasm regarding conservation.

Ag Tech, and its sub-contractors, collectively employ approximately 90 employees who are directly involved in the biosolids management activities, including corporate management, site operations management, regulatory compliance, monitoring and reporting, transportation, and mechanical support. All told, our company probably has more experience than any other permitted Arizona/California operator in the safe and cost-effective use of biosolids as a source of valuable plant nutrients in agriculture. As a family-run operation, Ag Tech prides itself on its track record of continual, unfaltering service to many publicly owned treatment agencies.

AG TECH is committed to using best management practices and compliance with regulations while providing biosolids services to municipal wastewater treatment facilities. AG TECH accomplishes this by adopting and implementing the provisions found in the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) Code of Good Practice.